Astrill Corporate VPN

Astrill Business offers virtual private networking (VPN) services for companies and businesses with high levels of security, encryption and professionalism. Each registered business user can secure two devices simultaneously, making this a great choice for frequent travellers. Astrill do offer new customers a seven day free trial, if they contact support to put this in place. Business users that are new to VPNs will find the free trial a reassuring aspect to this service.

In January 2015 Astrill Business had more than 200 available servers situated in 55 countries across the world, these numbers are likely to increase. Any customer receives instant security online once their Internet connection is enabled via Astrill Business. Even when employees are connected to the Internet via free public WiFi their transmissions and receipts are secure and cannot be accessed by eavesdroppers or hackers.

Employees working overseas will discover the active VPN gives them abilities to access websites around the world, from countries where blocking and censorship take place. Further, using the VPN at all times while overseas does give a guarantee that sensitive business information cannot be accessed by any third parties.

Registration with Astrill

Signing up with Astrill Business is a piece of cake, just a matter of customizing the business plan to best reflect the business needs and aspirations of each individual business. A free private IP address is also an option for business users. Customers can pay using a variety of methods including anonymous Bitcoin, Paypal and a range of credit or debit cards. Apps and downloads are available for customers to smoothly install the Astrill Business VPN on a variety of devices, including computers running Windows, Macs, iOS and Android. Astrill Business give a very wide range of available protocols, customers will find the most popular protocols OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP are available, alongside SSTP, OpenWeb and Cisco IPSec.

The Pricing Plans of Astrill VPN

Customer support can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year on the live chat service offered by Astrill Business, the company also provide comprehensive troubleshooting advice on their website and professional business support advisers to assist with getting the most out of the service. All business customers have a Business Control Panel, making it quick and easy to add and delete employee accounts, change passwords or upgrade the active payment plan. Astrill Business offer discounts based on users, so the greater the number of employees registered for the service the larger the discount is that is offered. More on

Independent reviews confirm the speeds that can be achieved when connected via Astrill Business are very impressive across a wide range of devices, so business users don’t need to worry about employee slow down in any area of the world. The company offer a slick and professional website which is backed up by the trained and knowledgeable support teams they offer to keep the service running at optimum levels for all customers.

Any business wishing to ensure employee security on the internet, no matter where they are located in the world, is well advised to consider the Astrill Business VPN. Internet communications are securely encrypted at all times the VPN is active, whether these are private emails or work-related correspondence.

Researching competitor organisations to provide any company with the most up-to-date business intelligence becomes a simple matter when a VPN is active, as it’s possible to cloak the originating IP address with an anonymous IP address allocated by any of the worldwide servers offered by Astrill Business. One of the most impressive factors about this company is its superb performance, coupled with top quality service.

Server Locations

Their servers are located in Lithuania, Brazil, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Romania, Moldova, USA, UK, Norway, Japan, Bulgaria, Australia, Greece, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Israel, Hungary, Portugal, Austria, Malaysia, Belgium, Southafrica, India, Thailand, Switzerland, Panama, Taiwan, Turkey, France, Finland, Ireland, Vietnam, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Poland, Argentina and Canada.