GoTrusted Corporate VPN Review

GoTrusted virtual private network (VPN) is a good choice for any small or large business user, as it offers a variety of custom features that are not available to private and home users. The VPN can be trialled for seven days prior to purchasing a plan, so if business customers have not used VPNs before they do get opportunity to check out all the features of the service prior to committing to a plan.

This provider is based in the United States and it may not be an ideal choice for some private users as it does operate quite heavy logging of customer information. This should not usually be perceived as a problem by business users, but private individuals wanting to carry out fileshare activities might not see it in the same light. Large companies will find the GoTrusted price policy is cost effective for user blocks of 100 employees each time, as well as the ability offered to log in from a mobile and desktop device simultaneously for each user.

GoTrusted Features

GoTrusted offers business users flexibility, whether they want to add just five employees to the plan or 100 and where mobile devices are used on a daily basis this service really does ensure employees are fully protected from hacking and eavesdroppers at all times. Where employees need to use the Internet from public WiFi hotspots their use of the web is turned into a truly private browsing experience with no fear of surveillance from any external sources.

Employees working overseas in countries operating censorship and blocking of Internet services and sites will find it’s easy to log into the GoTrusted site and use servers based in different worldwide locations where no such blocking is in place, so any business can be assured of employee ability to work without interruptions at any time and in any place.

Supported Devices

Using GoTrusted is simple as there are no downloads or installations needed, it’s just a case of accessing the GoTrusted service and activating the service. GoTrusted can be used on PCs running Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices and users wanting to check out just how the service works can easily ascertain the simplicity of this VPN when the free vpn trial is activated.

Any business user wanting to be assured of truly private Internet access with identity protection and anonymity will find the GoTrusted VPN provides everything needed. Customer support is available via live chat services, email ticketing and there is a FAQ section on the website which answers a number of common problem.

the major benefit of the GoTrusted service for larger companies is the discount prices available for blocks of 100 employees. Where a large workforce needs to be protected by encrypted VPN this is definitely one of the best providers for great security and budget prices. Companies with higher numbers of registered users will also benefit from more personalized support with custom emails, response pages and alerts and GoTrusted may even provide dedicated servers, where this is felt to be beneficial to the client. All business users benefit from free and disposable email addresses.

GoTrusted Corporate VPN Drawbacks

The major drawbacks to the GoTrusted service are limited apps and low levels of access to servers around the world. The GoTrusted policy on logging of customer data and activity is highlighted on their website, but this should not be a problem to business users who are unlikely to need to use this service for anything that could be classed as illegal, such as torrenting or fileshare activity.

GoTrusted operates servers in a few countries, which are: Japan, England, USA, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapure and Germany.