SwitchVPN Corporate VPN

SwitchVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) provider based in India offering a budget service to customers. SwitchVPN do give an unconditional 30 day money back offer to all customers experiencing problems and signing up for plans is easily achieved via the website. Business customers signing up with SwitchVPN will find registering for a 12 month plan for up to ten simultaneous connections per account is available at an extremely competitive price. When it comes to paying for the SwitchVPN service they do accept a variety of payment methods, including anonymous Bitcoin and PayPal. Changing plans is also easy with SwitchVPN, whether upgrades or downgrades and changes can also be made to payment cycles when needed.

SwitchVPN do provide dedicated account managers for business customers and support is available via Skype or live chat services from the company’s website. An onsite knowledgebase is also available to answer common queries and problems.

Supported Protocols

Available protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and Open VPN, with downloads of the SwitchVPN app available for Mac or Windows PCs and manual tutorials for all other devices. Customers can choose the best protocol to suit their needs and a number of advanced options are available to customize the service for business users. The service provides unrestricted bandwidth and speeds and customers can switch between available servers as many times as desired. Setting up the service with SwitchVPN is fairly easy and activation is immediate once plans are taken, so business customers can be up and running just as soon as they take out plans with the company.

Switching to a VPN provider makes good sense for any business in the modern Internet age, where eavesdropping and hacking is commonplace. Frequent travellers and employees using mobile devices from WiFi hotspots will benefit from the secure encryption offered by SwitchVPN as blocked or censored websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It’s just an easy matter of logging into the service and choosing a server location to access any blocked services.

At January 2015 SwitchVPN had servers located in 27 different countries across the globe so customers will find it easy to gain access to sites in most regions. One of the major problems experienced by frequent travellers is accessing geo-restricted sites and the provider does have servers located in the United Kingdom and United States, where a number of the most popular worldwide websites are located. SwitchVPN provides enhanced customer security with their virtual firewall and encryption up to 2048bit.

The Client

Business users will also find it’s easier to research competitor business intelligence when a VPN is in place. Competitors will be unable to identify originating IP addresses for users who make information requests from the anonymity of the VPN servers. The IP address for the business is cloaked within the secure VPN tunnel and the customer can switch servers at any time so the originating IP address and country appear different to competitors each time contact is made.

SwitchVPN pricing

SwitchVPN stipulate they don’t keep logs of customer activity online, however independent reviewers have suggested that the company’s policy in this respect is a little unclear. Another drawback of this service noted by reviewers is that the online support service is slow, however business users can contact SwitchVPN via Skype which offers advantages over normal private customers. The VPN offered by SwitchVPN is rated as one of the top business VPNs on the market so it is well worth checking out and the unconditional money back guarantee does give new customers genuine peace of mind.

They have servers in many different countries, such as Italy, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Singapore, France, Russia, Sweden and Romania.