VyprVPN Corporate VPN Review

VyprVPN is provided by Golden Frog, a global provider with strong commitment to protecting the customer’s Internet security and privacy. VyprVPN for business users offers you dedicated account managers to ensure your business receives the personal service you need, alongside apps for any device and a secure service which is simple to utilize.

Business customers will find signing up for VyprVPN gives all travelling employees the levels of securely encrypted communications they need, while unblocking any geo-restrictions that may be in place, so the employee can work at the highest speeds and maintain all required Internet and website access.

If your business is situated in a location like Chine, where geo-restrictions are operative, then signing up with VyprVPN allows employees to access the full services of the Internet.

Any company or corporation that requires workers to access websites and web services from a secure IP address will find VyprVPN gives this assurance, while researchers or fraud investigators will discover the secure encryption of VPNs gives a level of confidence when conducting any investigations and removes any chance the IP address can be blocked or filtered.

One more useful service offered by VyprVPN is the Dump Truck facility which enables customers to securely store data online. No matter where your employees are located they will have the ability to access files and data on Dump Truck, making this an extremely worthwhile service for most business customers.

Signup with VyprVPN

Signing up with VyprVPN is just a case of accessing the Business section of the website, although existing customers will need to use a different email address in order to set up their business account.

Business customers need to sign up for at least three employees for an account, while businesses with more than 20 employees can contact Golden Frog direct to negotiate terms and discounts, etc. Payment can be made by a number of options including Paypal and debit or credit cards and is payable yearly in advance.

Customers of VyprVPN will be able to access more than 700 server locations, based in over 45 countries around the world.

VyprVPN Servers

VyprVPN has Servers in the following locations: Malaysia, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Australia, South Korea, Iceland, Turkey, France, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg, Russia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Philippines, UK, Norway, Hong Kong, Vietnam, US, Germany.


VyprVPN also own and control all their servers, so there is no chance of eavesdropping via third party server provider access. Available protocols include L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and the Golden Frog Chameleon technology, specifically written for this service.

All registered business users can use the service from two devices, a desktop and a mobile device, and are guaranteed unlimited use with no restrictions and the ability to switch between servers and server locations at any point.

When customers are signed into VyprVPN the service provides NAT firewall as an added security level, blocking any unrequested inbound traffic. The business services offered by VyprVPN give you a simple interface, so it’s easy to manage your users and add or remove them at any time.

VyprVPN provides comprehensive support services 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day and the added benefit to business consumers is the advantage of an account manager who can quickly solve any business priorities and needs you may have from the service. Available software apps for the VyprVPN service are provided on the website and include downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Your employees can rest assured their Internet-enabled devices are protected in any worldwide location, including WiFi hotspots.

The VyprVPN service for businesses is an efficient VPN geared towards modern business and corporations and their specific Internet needs. Your personal account manager will ensure that any problems you experience with the service are smoothed at the earliest opportunity, giving your employees confidence and security on the Internet.